Surfing Through the Seasons: A Month-by-Month Guide to Surfing Conditions in Hawaii

Hawaii is a surfer’s paradise, offering year-round opportunities to ride world-class waves. However, the conditions can vary significantly depending on the time of year and the location. In this article, we’ll provide a month-by-month guide to surfing conditions in Hawaii, helping you plan your surf adventures and make the most of the Aloha State’s incredible surf spots.

January – March: Winter Swell Season

During the winter months, Hawaii experiences powerful swells originating from storms in the North Pacific. This time of year is known for producing the largest and most consistent waves, particularly on the north and west-facing shores.

  • Best for: Experienced surfers seeking big waves and challenging conditions.
  • Locations: Oahu’s North Shore, Maui’s Honolua Bay, and Kauai’s Hanalei Bay.

April – May: Transition Season

As winter transitions into spring, the swells in Hawaii become less consistent but can still offer great surfing conditions. This time of year typically features a mix of north and south swells, providing an opportunity to explore different surf spots around the islands.

  • Best for: Intermediate and advanced surfers looking for a variety of conditions.
  • Locations: Oahu’s South Shore, Kauai’s Poipu Beach, and the Big Island’s Kohanaiki Beach.

June – August: Summer Swell Season

During the summer months, Hawaii experiences south swells generated by storms in the Southern Hemisphere. While the waves are generally smaller than those found during the winter season, they can still provide excellent conditions for surfers of all skill levels.

  • Best for: Beginner and intermediate surfers seeking more manageable waves.
  • Locations: Waikiki Beach on Oahu, Lahaina on Maui, and Kona on the Big Island.

September – October: Transition Season

As summer gives way to fall, the surf conditions in Hawaii once again become more variable. This transitional period can offer a mix of south, north, and west swells, providing opportunities to explore various surf spots and enjoy different types of waves.

  • Best for: Surfers of all skill levels looking for a diverse range of conditions.
  • Locations: Diamond Head on Oahu, Hookipa Beach on Maui, and Pine Trees on the Big Island.

November – December: Winter Swell Season Returns

The winter swell season begins to pick up again in November, with powerful north and west swells returning to the Hawaiian Islands. As the winter months progress, the waves become larger and more consistent, offering exciting conditions for experienced surfers.

  • Best for: Advanced surfers seeking challenging waves and big surf.
  • Locations: Oahu’s Sunset Beach, Maui’s Jaws, and Kauai’s Makua Beach.

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